November 16-19, 2017


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The 2016 inaugural Event $15,000 Thoroughbred incentives attracted top-level eventers who choose Thoroughbreds as their elite competition mounts, such as members of the 2016 Rio Olympic Team member Boyd Martin and traveling alternate Lynn Symansky  with Donner, aka "The Deer". The purpose of the incentives were to highlight and reward the use of off-track Thoroughbreds in second careers. Thoroughbred blood provides bravery and stamina needed for cross-country. Off-Track Thoroughbreds need second careers and committed owners. It's win-win for both sides.

The idea worked. 27% of the 2016 OJC Event were Thoroughbreds. Average was just 6.5% in two other Ocala 3-Day Events.

$25,000 Thoroughbred Eventing Champion Division

The Ocala Jockey Club is a Thoroughbred farm. Ocala is Thoroughbred country, with hundreds of Thoroughbred breeding and training farms. Eventers love Thoroughbreds since they have no problems with enough stamina to gallop four miles while leaping over large obstacles. So it makes sense to do something special for Thoroughbreds at our Event. This November Event we give away $25,000 in prizes to top-placing Thoroughbreds in each of the three FEI Divisions, to compete in the Thoroughbred Eventing Champion category!

2017 Thoroughbred Eventing Champion Division and T.I.P. Program Links:

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          T.I.P. Information Page

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         Rolls-Royce Classic Car Giveaway (Retired Racehorse Project Fundraiser)    

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November 16-19, 2017, Reddick, FL

Thoroughbreds:          $25,000 Prize Money

Shannon Brinkman Photo

Lynn Symansky and Donner at the 2016 OJC International 3-Day Event